Electronic Klezmer / Yiddish House Music

stay tuned for our FALL RESIDENCY WITH SEBA KAYAN/oriental techno!

seba kayan's Oriental Techno has a forensic, political and metaphorical approach. by digging into various music archives she collects lost pieces. in her musical spectrum, techno meets anatolian sounds. a binary vision of an occidental vs. oriental world is not aimed to be created, but both cultures are tried to be embodied and become interwoven. by seeking the past in archives, an imagination of tomorrow is getting shaped into a hybrid music. acquiring ascriptions and deconstructing them in the musical process, as a collective improvisation process. this method of relating to the ancestors, to a collective memory, tells also an a-linear historical narrative.

**Our residency will include shows with 8 ball radio, jewish currents, and omar ahmad (palestine forever)