We are Electronic Yiddish Music!

Kleztronica is an emerging genre of Yiddish Electronic music.

Its roots are klezmer, Jewish liturgy, yiddish language, electronic house music, and rave culture.

We are a Genre

Kleztronica is an emerging music genre which combines techno with Yiddish music to create a joyous rave-space infused with Yiddish culture.

We are a Collective

Kleztronica is a collective of musicians who work together to bring super unique musical experiences to life.

We are Innovating

A new generation of Yiddish musicians are fusing Yiddish music with variants of techno, creating a new musical tradition that speaks to the technological and social cultures of the present while being rooted in the past.

These musicians use techniques such as sampling Yiddish recordings, fusing klezmer grooves and techno grooves, borrowing melodies and basslines from Yiddish music, or speaking Yiddish over the tracks. However, despite its vitality, this new fusion style is strangely absent from Yiddish music festival stages.

Kleztronica normalizes electronic music as a vehicle for Yiddish culture. In turn, it normalizes Yiddish samples, melodies, and harmonic structures as ornaments for electronic music styles.

We are proud "Yidden!"

We celebrate the resiliency of our Jewish identities by connecting our past with the present.  We want to celebrate Yiddish in its fullness, with all of the wisdom and secrets that it has provided Jews for generations, and the way it continues to shape our community to this day.